Who are the PFA and what do we do????  We are a group of parents, friends and grandparents who all volunteer our time to help raise money for the students at our school. We provide educational, artistic and sporting equipment for the students.

All funds we raise directly benefits the children in our school. 2017 saw the introduction our amazing Cooking Program, in which every single student in the school participated. In the past we have been able to purchase “goalposts” for the school oval, books for the library, interactive whiteboards for the classrooms, gates for fences to stop balls rolling onto the road, a fitness track, an upgrade for our two playground areas, a new BBQ trailer, contribute to a new trailer for the RACV Energy Challenge, a new storage shed for the oval, colourful educational mats for the Foundation, 1, 2 grades, Grade 6 Graduation items, new backboards for the basketball court, portable netball rings & netballs, the Changeable Sign on Belgrave – Gembrook Road, the massive Roplay Ball, portable Soccer Goals, class sets of ipads for the grade 3 & 4’s and the Junior Level, Bean Bags for every grade in the School, Bean Bags for the Library, Loads of Games for the Welfare department …. amongst many other things.

This year our aim is to raise funds towards several ideas which have been put forward by our Student Representative Council.  Further ideas will be put forward by the SRC during the year, investigated by the School, costed and prioritized. Any ideas put forward by the SRC are presented to the Principal by the students at a monthly SRC meeting.

We will be having a PFA Meeting for all Parents, Friends and Grandparents in February (date to be confirmed) in the Breaky Club room. Everyone is welcome. Toddlers or kinder kids are welcome to come with you, as we always have pencils, coloring pages, toys etc to keep them busy too.

We need lots of help planning and organizing our fundraising year.  We are a very friendly informal group who all have our kids and this fantastic schools best interests at heart.