Vision and Values

Our Vision


To build a purposeful community of active learners who can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and become responsible global citizens.


Our Values

Cockatoo Primary School promotes the values of:

  • Organisation
  • Persistence
  • Resilience
  • Getting Along
  • Confidence

These five values underpin all that we do to create a safe learning environment.


Cockatoo Primary School promotes a continuous focus on positive codes of behaviour and a whole school management strategy which supports respect for others, property and learning in our classrooms. All students are aware that bullying and disrespectful behaviour are not accepted at our school. Tolerance, kindness to others and respect are always encouraged.


Our school will continue to maintain and strengthen the focus on student engagement and wellbeing. We work hard to create a learning environment where teachers and students know they can work and learn in a safe, stimulating and nurturing place, where learning is the very core of all that happens at Cockatoo Primary School.


Vision & Values